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Humanity's Brightest Future

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

Imagine Humanity’s Brightest Future…

If it can be imagined, it can be created.

Every possible future exists simultaneously in the eternal Moment of Now. Which one we experience depends on the choices we make, individually and collectively, in the Present. We are here to imagine what we truly want our future to look like, and feel like, and to begin creating a New Model of the world, together – from the bottom, up and from the inside, out.

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A Visionary Plan

Hundreds of millions of people are calling for change but many simply don’t know how to achieve it. What we’ve done at The United Nations of Gaia Project is to create a plan based on a deep understanding of the true nature of our many crises, one that can actually produce the kinds of changes that the vast majority of humans desire. Here’s a short summary of our stated vision, mission and purpose:

  • Our Vision: A world that truly works for everyone.
  • Our Mission: To work together to build the foundations that will allow our vision to manifest over the next few decades.
  • Our Purpose: To bring a higher perspective into every important discussion and shine a light on a path that leads to our brightest of futures, defined in terms of what the vast majority of us desire most: peace, happiness, prosperity, security, etc.

Go deeper on this page: Vision & Mission.

A Great Name

Watch the video with a full explanation.

A good plan needs a good name, but we think ours is a great one because it represents a realistic and viable name for the outcome we wish to achieve: a new earth, organized in a way that will produce peace and unity in the world. Also, the name United Nations of Gaia is:

  • Beautiful: Gaia (our planet) is a lovely name and adds a spiritual dimension.
  • Functional: it’s familiar, universal and translates well into many languages. Also, it builds on some of the progress humanity has already made over the last 80 years.
  • Meaningful: It points to a united world of peace, freedom, abundance and generally a joyful existence for anyone who chooses it.

Go deeper on this page: Introduction.

A Roadmap To Peace & Unity

Our roadmap lays out a series of practical steps that we believe will get us where we want to go. How slow or fast we move through the several steps of each phase depends on our community participation and support. Currently in PHASE ONE there are 3 main goals we intend to reach:

  • To welcome our first 1 million vCitizens of The United Nations of Gaia.
  • To organize a functioning form of direct democracy within our global community.
  • To establish The World Peace And Unity Council and initiate a few other major projects.

Go deeper on this page: Roadmap.

3 Universal Principles

These are the 3 universal principles that will play a central role in making real, lasting change possible through the development of a New Model of the world:

  • Oneness: Everything is part of one thing – we are all one.
  • Abundance:  When we share, there is more than enough of everything for everyone – be the source.
  • Freedom: There are no obligations, only opportunities – freedom of choice is a part of our human nature.

Go deeper on this page: Introduction.

3 Core Values

  • These are the 3 Core Values that, when lived sincerely, will change your life for the better:
  • Honesty: choose to always tell the truth.
  • Responsibility: be responsible for your own actions.
  • Awareness: be aware of your truth and use your understanding of Cause And Effect to influence the world with the Energy of Love.

Go deeper on this page: Be The Change.

Reaching Critical Mass

Our community is focused on building a New Model for life on earth from the bottom-up and from the inside-out. Through the Global Cultural Alliance and the World Peace And Unity Council we will achieve a critical mass (3-5%) with regard to the adoption of 3 core components of our framework:

Go deeper on this page: Unite For Change.

A Place For Everyone

If you align with our Founding Principles and our Core Values, you may claim your virtuous citizenship (vCitizenship) in The United Nations of Gaia and join our social media platform as: 

  • Someone who values peace and unity and cares about the world.
  • A professional with skills and talents.
  • A prominent author and/or teacher.
  • An uplifting, influential voice in any sector.
  • A volunteer with the Project.

No matter who you are, we’re working to create the best possible environment for your participation and contribution. Let us know if you have any special requests.

Go deeper on this page: Unite For Change.

A Platform For Conscious Creation

In our platform, we focus not only on what we create together, but also on how we do it, including the methods and techniques we use and our inner states of being. In our platform you’ll find: 

  • A full course on The Process of Conscious Creation.
  • A list of our Major Projects which you can join.
  • worldwide directory of initiatives created by our vCitizens.
  • A community which encourages connection and collaboration.

Go deeper on this page: Build The Change.

Endless Opportunities

By looking into the future to try and identify which areas are most important to focus on, we’ve put a few major projects on our drawing board. But this is just the beginning and you can play a role in establishing new projects as we move forward. Also, if you are already involved in an important initiative that you feel is a part of Humanity’s Brightest Future, then we are interested in supporting you. In fact, we believe that many, if not most, of the solutions that will help the world transition into a New Model are already being developed somewhere in the world. The opportunities for creation and collaboration are practically endless.

Go deeper on this page: Major Projects.

Infinite Possibilities

When we unite in the understanding that we are all one, every problem or crisis can be seen as simply a challenge that can be dealt with by coming together and collaborating in a timely manner. The more united we are, the more capable we become in tackling the really big challenges humanity is currently facing. However, rather than simply reacting to our many crises, it is through the Process of Conscious Creation that we can unlock the path to humanity’s brightest future and open up the field of infinite possibilities.

The Time To Unite Is Now

When a critical mass of people choose to become the united human beings of earth, we will begin the process of truly uniting our nations as well, not just on paper, not just as a well intentioned gesture, but as a heartfelt reality. A reality we must choose consciously and with full awareness of who we really are as a species, recognizing as well that we are an integral part of this incredibly beautiful living ecosystem known as Earth (which we like to call Gaia). This is the key to forever putting an an end to war and to our many other self-destructive behaviors. It’s becoming increasingly clear that we must do this now if we are to avoid the worst outcomes that humanity is currently creating for itself. If you too are sensitive to these issues, then you are in the right place.

The Choice Is Yours

Everything is One Thing, showing up in many unique and different forms. Fully understanding this will ensure that we humans will have the most extraordinary future ahead of us here on Earth. One way to play an active role in choosing this future is to join The United Nations of Gaia Project by clicking the link below.

If not now, when? If not us, who?

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